Change to Cybercultural subscriptions

Dear subscribers,

After much thought I’ve decided to make some adjustments to Cybercultural. I’m going to shift to one newsletter per week, which will be a long-form email especially designed for subscribers.

I’ll continue posting separate articles that will be available to both subscribers and free signups, but these will come out less frequently – perhaps once a month.

So in summary: paying subscribers get one long-form newsletter per week, free signups get an occasional analysis article (also sent to subscribers).

Because of this change, I’m going to lower the price of a Cybercultural subscription to $5 per month or $50 per year. Based on what many other Substack writers are doing, this is a more appropriate level for a once-a-week schedule for subscribers. Frankly, I’m also lowering the price to try and entice more people to convert from free to a paid subscription.

I’m more than happy to offer the new pricing to you all, as my current subscribers. I’ll need to manually ask Substack to make this change for you, as their system unfortunately doesn’t let me do it myself. So if you would like the new pricing ($5 per month or $50 per year), can you please reply to this email and I’ll get that processed pronto.

My apologies that I cannot continue offering you three emails per week, including the two exclusive news-based ones. The truth is, I just haven’t been able to attract enough subscribers at the $7/70 level to make this a viable use of my time. So I’ve had to scale things back a bit, to focus more on income-generating activities such as consulting.

But I love writing Cybercultural and I still believe in my original mission: to cover how technology is transforming our culture. I also have a book idea on this subject, which I plan to apportion some of my writing time to once things have settled down. So your continued subscription will help support my future book endeavours too, and I will keep you all updated with my progress on that.

Thanks so much for being an early Cybercultural supporter and again, do reply if you’d like me to get you switched to the new pricing.